18th ICID | International Congress on Infectious Diseases, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dear Society Members, Colleagues, Sponsors and Friends:

On behalf of the Infectious Diseases Society of Argentina (SADI), it is my great honour to announce that our 2018 annual meeting, XVIII Congreso de la Sociedad Argentina de Infectología (SADI), will be held in collaboration with the 18th International Congress on Infectious Diseases (ICID) and it is my pleasure to invite you to attend.

SADI is a scientific organization that brings together infectious disease professionals in Argentina to actively participate in scientific and educational activities and serve as advisors for local policy makers. A vibrant society, SADI is continually growing its membership and progressively gaining visibility. We are very pleased and excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with the International Society for Infectious Diseases. With over 80,000 members from more than 155 countries, ISID has long been dedicated to improving the care of patients with infectious diseases, the professional development and standing of clinicians and scientists in the field, and the control of infectious diseases around the world. Our joint meetings will offer an exceptional opportunity for clinicians, researchers, public health professionals, and anyone with an interest in addressing the challenges of infectious diseases to exchange knowledge with colleagues from around the globe. In addition, SADI and its members look forward to introducing our new friends to Buenos Aires, a splendid city with a unique culture and longstanding tradition in both arts and science. Significantly, Buenos Aires is the birthplace of “Tango.”

Our combined meetings will offer participants state-of-the-art scientific presentations that encompass both basic science and clinical practice delivered by an international faculty from a broad range of countries. SADI is proud to support the success of the 18th ICID by organizing distinguished thought leaders from Argentina and the Latin American region to actively participate in the organization of the event and the promotion of what will be a most fruitful scientific exchange.

Latin America has been subject to multiple emerging infectious disease outbreaks which have received worldwide attention. As such, it seems an appropriate venue for combining academic excellence, first-hand experience in the management of these diseases, and cutting-edge research in treatment and prevention. SADI is pleased to join with ISID in inviting you to participate in the XVIII Congreso de la Sociedad Argentina de Infectología and the 18th International Congress on Infectious Diseases, the 1st to the 4th of March 2018.

Mark your calendars now—we are greatly looking forward to seeing you in Buenos Aires!

Gustavo Lopardo
President, Infectious Diseases Society of Argentina (SADI)